О нас

About Us

Impulse Commodity Trading specializes in procurement and supply to international markets of food products, ingredients for the food industry and raw agricultural commodities. Our company cooperates with clients in more than 10 countries of the world.

We cooperate exclusively with proven manufacturers from Ukraine and the countries of the European Union in order to offer our partners products that are of the highest quality and fully comply with international standards and safety certificates. Our company is developing and constantly working to satisfy the most demanding wishes and requests of its customers.

Our values:

  • High level of product quality
  • Respect for clients and partners
  • Focus on development and improvement


О нас

We purchase a wide range of consumer goods and raw materials directly from the largest manufacturers of Ukraine and the countries of the European Union. We supply these goods to local distributors and companies working in the food, chemical and processing sectors. The geography of our business covers the countries of the European Union, the Middle East, and Africa, and we are also actively working on further expanding our territorial representation.

The products we offer to our partners meet all global quality standards and satisfy the most demanding customer needs.

Impulse Commodity Trading concentrates its efforts on the export of such commodity categories as: sunflower and sunflower oil, soybean and soybean oil, corn, dairy products (milk powder, ultra-pasteurized milk, whey, butter), sugar, wheat flour, honey, sauces in industrial packaging.

We also offer logistics services for our customers – if necessary, we shall organize fast delivery of goods to your warehouse and take care of all customs procedures.

What we offer:

  • Mutually beneficial cooperation with producers of quality products and raw materials
  • Building an effective system for the sale of goods on the international market
  • Organization of logistics for the client to anywhere in the world
  • Organization of the customs clearance process of goods in case of a corresponding request from the client
  • Analysis of market trends

Our benefits

Наши преимущества

Our benefits

Застосовуємо індивідуальний підхід
We offer individual conditions to meet the needs of each customer
Завжди пропонуємо ринкові ціни
Working directly with manufacturers, we offer our customers the most favourable prices for products
Націлені на win-win рішення
When cooperating with both manufacturers and buyers, we always try to make a decision that will provide maximum benefit to all parties
Гарантована якість товарів
We cooperate exclusively with manufacturers, who have all the necessary quality certificates and certified management systems
Ми впевнені у тому, що робимо
Experience in the food supply market is 13 years, and perfect knowledge of every detail of building a distribution system
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